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CROWN MICRO Ultrathin Wired Silicone Keyboard 107 Keys CMK-6002

CROWN MICRO Ultrathin Wired Silicone Keyboard 107 Keys CMK-6002

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SKU: CMK-6002
Weight: 300 grams
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Operating since 1992

Crown Micro brand was founded in the US in 1992 by a team of experienced industry professionals who believe in innovative and superior quality products. In 2006, we became a part of the world-renowned Kuwaiti investment holding company SADITA. Becoming a part of SADITA greatly increased our financial strength and flexibility in production. And in just 10 years, we have established distribution centers in the UAE (Dubai), Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Ukraine, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Nigeria. We have reached the point where "Crown" is recognized as a global brand. This has been achieved by using amazing designs and high quality components which meet our customers' high standards for style and performance.

Our products encompass everything from laptop bags, compatible laser toner cartridges, notebooks and mobile phone accessories, tablet PCs, inverters and UPS, to home entertainment system products such as speakers, subwoofers and Bluetooth headphones.
Wired silicone keyboard, compact when folded
  • Ultrathin and soft keys provide a comfortable seal;
  • Compact when folded;
  • Quiet keystrokes;
  • Protection against dirt, dust, water, resistance to acid and alkali (only the silicone part);
  • Compatible with PCs, tablets and mobile phones;
  • Working temperature: -5 ° C to 45 ° C;
  • Humidity: 20% -50%.
Flexible housing
The keyboard is made of flexible, durable silicone. It can be compactly folded and take to the road. The silicone case protects from liquids and spilled coffee will not interfere in the further work.
Soft keystrokes
When ultrathin design keys have a strong impact when pressed, which will reduce the amount of typos. At the same time they provide a soft press, which will work on the keyboard without disturbing others.
Compact package
Original packaging attracts buyers and effectively advertises the product.
  • Type of use : Home and office
  • Keyboard material : Silicone
  • Connection Type : USB
  • The total number of keys : 107 pcs.
  • Operating voltage : 3.0V
  • Working current : <3.0mA
  • Standby current : <1.0mA
  • Port : USB
Physical parameters
  • Length of cable : 1,5 m
  • Size : 405 * 130 * 7mm
  • Weight : 182 g
  • Size : 100 * ∅84 mm
  • Weight : 218 g
  • Barcode : 6291105915236
  • 1 Year Supplier Warranty